It would be wise not to think of a dream as nothing - -

Literally, is a figment of imagination spawn from 

my utterly too-good-to-be-true brain functioning when it is not needed. 

spare me a restful night of sleep is what it is 

but then again, you came into it/

Part I. 

 HB - came into my dream, crying - knowing the things that 

 I know, was he really crying at that time of the night? 

 Wouldn't know but some part of his emotions came to me 

 at 3ish- in the morning to let me know what?!

Part II.

 Perhaps, the 'hurt' part of it is, that SJ and I had so much things going on 

 for the three years that I was at GSAPS and he as more than a graceful 


 Knowing who he is, is a kind person who was always nice despite his

 antics and speeches, perhaps if he had been taller than I - 

 like in the dreams where I commented and he laughed and for the first time,

 hurt me back (when he usually didn't). He was 6'1' and amazingly beautiful.

 The question is, should I contact him? or what!


 There were times when I - the person in the dream I - know what it is 

 just a dream but this time around, I was fully engulfed in the land of 

 distorted memories and wish-it-could-be lalaland. 

 And in that, I was in love with him or perhaps just jealous of

 an opportunity that I never had with him. Just cause.